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Do not TIP in Japan

12.06'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Popular culture

If you are staying in a western country, you probably would be in a habit to tip people when you go out to dine or when you take a cab. But if you are going to Japan for a business meeting or on a holiday, you will have to forget this habit for a while and avoid tipping. To tip in any situation is considered as an insult in Japan.

The Japanese do not follow the practise of tipping. The service that you have asked for is already covered in the price being asked from you. So, why pay more? Whether you are in a hotel, a restaurant, in a taxi, or at a local bar or karaoke, or anywhere else, avoid tipping if you don’t want to embarrass and annoy the Japanese restaurant owners, waiters, or cab drivers.

If you tip by mistake, the waitress or the cab driver would try to explain you their custom of no tipping in either Japanese language or broken English language.

To know more about the Japanese customs and practises, you must look for a Japanese interpreter or a Japanese language translator. He will brief you about the customs and traditions and would help you see clearly beneath the surface of Japan.


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