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5 Japanese customs you ought to know when visiting Japan

11.06'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
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If you are visiting Japan, you ought to know of the important Japanese customs. If you know the customs discussed below, you will be able to understand the Japanese culture better and would be able to get along well with the people over there.

Bowing-Japanese bowing is an art form which is given a lot of importance by the Japanese. Whether you meet a friend, or your business partners or colleague in the office or even when you are in the market, you will be greeted with a bow. Though the duration and the elevation of the bow depends on the person whom you are meeting and his social standing, you can make incline your head slightly and can bend slightly at the waist to show your respect.

Chopsticks-If you do not know how to use the chopsticks you must lean the trick before you land in Japan. Do not be surprised if your Japanese business counterparts look at you in amazement when you are struggling to hold the chopsticks in your hands.

Removing your shoes-In Japan, you need to remove your shoes when entering someone’s house. There is a shoe rack outside every house where guests need to put their shoes and wear a pair of guest slippers. In case you need to use the bathroom you will have to wear in bathroom slippers which your host will provide you.

Be polite and humble-the Japanese are very polite by nature and so they expect the same from others too. If you are on a business visit, make sure you talk politely with your Japanese business colleagues and business partners. Do not talk loudly and do not interrupt them when they are talking as it would not be appreciated by the people in Japan.

Gift wrapping-In Japan, when you meet someone you can give a gift of chocolates, cakes, or flowers. You can also give a souvenir but make sure that you gift wrap or gift. Gift wrapping is very important and the Japanese give more importance to gift wrapping than the gift.

To know more about the Japanese customs, you can look for a Japanese translator. With his help you can get an insight into the nuances of the Japanese culture and their society.


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