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Jrg Nitzsche

Our home is in Japan

Euro Japan Business is a company providing interpreting and translation services. Our team includes highly experienced professionals from various fields, containing lectors, editors and linguists. Additional services such as layout advice, Japanese lessons and our media services (books and documentary films in Japan) complete our well-rounded profile.

Euro-Japan has offices in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Its customers include Japanese and European financial institutions, audit firms, law firms and renowned industrial companies.

Euro Japan was founded in 2005 by Jörg Nitzsche, who has been working with Japan and Japanese culture since the age of 18. After studying economics in Berlin, he studied further at the prestigious Hitotsubashi University with Prof. Yamazawa. During his stay in Japan which lasted for several years, he followed the efforts of European companies to establish themselves in the Japanese market with great interest. After his return to Germany, he was able to establish broad relationships with German banks, large industrial companies, government organisations and even the German armed forces. He now wishes to harness this experience to promote successful cooperation between European and Japanese companies.