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Gifts you may give to your Japanese business clients& colleagues

23.10'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter

Like in most other countries across the world, gifts are well accepted and appreciated in Japanese culture and society. If you are visiting your Japanese friend or you are going to meet your Japanese clients and business associates, you can take a gift for them.

You can gift a small souvenir or packaged food or alcohol or any beverage or may be some household stuff. You may also gift Japanese sweets, cakes, and chocolates. Avoid giving gifts that are four in number as the Japanese consider number 4 as unlucky and believe that it brings bad luck to the person.

Whatever gift you give to your Japanese business clients, make sure that you gift wrap it. In Japan, they are very particular about gift wrapping. In fact, the Japanese value gift wrapping more than the gift itself. Then you must give the gift with both your hands.

If you are given a gift in return, do not open it until you have left the place of you colleague or friend. However, if the gift is not gift wrapped, you must praise the gift as much as you can. Even if you do not like it, make flattering comments about it. Try to ask some questions about the gift to show your interest in the gift.

To know which gifts to buy and which gifts to avoid, look for a Japanese translator. You may also avail Japanese German translation services to learn about Japanese gift culture, business etiquettes, and Japanese language. With these professional services you would be able to get an insight into the Japanese culture, making it easier for you to make your way into the Japanese society and business world.


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