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5 useful tips for learning Japanese

18.06'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Japanese Language

If you are an English speaker, Japanese can be quite hard to learn, but it’s not impossible to learn this language though. Here are 5 useful language learning tips that will hep you acquire fluency in written and verbal Japanese language.

  1. Choose quality learning material as poor quality text can mar your entire learning experience. Invest in a good Japanese language dictionary that has kanji, the hiragana for each kanji and an English definition. It would be quite useful to have a Japanese Grammar book.

  1. Watch Japanese cartoons, movies, and listen to Japanese music. It is a quick way to learn a lot of Japanese words and phrases. Following Japanese lyrics will help you learn how to pronounce the Japanese words and will also improve your vocabulary. You can also improve your reading speed by reading manga-the Japanese comics.

  1. Have patience and make sure that you are really dedicated to learn Japanese. It may require a lot of time to master this language. Do not leave things in the middle if you are unable to understand anything. Work harder to get the desired results.

  1. Look for a qualified Japanese interpreter or a language translator who can translate English to Japanese and can translate in Japanese English words and sentences. Under the supervision of a qualified language interpreter you can lean things quiet effectively and efficiently.

  1. Carry your conversations in Japanese with your Japanese friend or colleague. It will improve your vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation and you would soon learn to talk and write in Japanese.


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