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Which is the best time to travel to Japan?

30.05'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Sports and leisure

Though visiting Japan can be enjoyable all round the year, it would be good to find out the best season to travel as the weather patterns differ significantly between regions owning to the country’s wide north south extension.

If you are visiting Japan for a holiday, you can go anywhere between January and April. The weather is usually sunny and dry so you won’t face any difficulty in enjoying sightseeing. April is however the best time to visit Japan if you want to enjoy the lovely cherry blossoms.

May is the busiest travel season in Japan. If you travel around this time you may face difficulty in finding accommodation and may find the tourist spots a bit too crowded.

Avoid visiting Japan between June and July as it is the rainy season and may prevent you from enjoying your holidays. Again, August and September are very hot and humid and not the best time to visit the country.

October and November are one of the most pleasant months to travel to Japan. the weather is warm, but is not hot and humid. You may travel in December too as the weather usually remains dry around that time.

Plan your visit around the best time of the year to make the most of your holidays in Japan.


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