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Language Interpretation – Essential Guidelines for Addressing any Business Event

21.09'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter

You might come across an opportunity to address an important business meet or an event. It might include audiences with different languages, so, it is wise to use a professional language interpreter. For best results, glance through the following guidelines for a perfect speech delivery in an important business event:

  • Brief your interpreter, about whom you will be meeting and the issues that will be discussed.

  • Give an agenda of your speech to interpreter prior to the event. Always discuss your aims and objectives for any meeting or negotiations with your interpreter.

  • If you are giving a speech, make sure that you provide a copy of speech and make certain that the interpreter is able to understand it completely.

  • Take breaks in your speech regularly, particularly at the end of each statement or a sentence. Let your language interpreter finish before continuing to the next point.

  • Avoid speaking fast, but slowly and clearly as this will give the interpreter time to understand all your words.

  • Avoid very long and complicated sentences. If you are planning on making a joke, check before whether it is culturally transferable with the interpreter or not, then proceed.

  • It is always best to avoid using metaphors, slang, and informal expressions.

  • For a professional speech, address the group or the audience and not interpreter.



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