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Strange vending machine facts about Japan

11.07'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Popular culture

In Japan, they have the world’s highest vending machines. They are roughly 5.6 millions vending machines, including coin and card operated machines. There is about one vending machine for every 23 people. But what is even more interesting is that Japan has the most weird and strange vending machines.

In Japan they have a vending machine that sells smart car. There is a live crab vending machine that lets you enjoy live, fresh crab when you press the button at the vending machine. If you love eggs, they have a farm fresh egg vending machine too. For the banana lovers, there is a Japanese banana vending machine. If you feel the urge to eat 5, 6, or more number of bananas at a given point of time, then this vending machine is the best place to satiate your desire.

Ever seen a Porno vending machine? In Japan, they have conceptualized this awesome vending machine that lets you buy your smut without feeling awkward or guilty in front of a book seller.

The Japanese are nuts about vending machines. From beer to whiskey to coke, lettuce, Fried chicken, and French crepes, to cup noodles, cigarettes, ice cream, rice, tea, coffee, the Japanese vending machines sell almost everything that you could ever imagine coming out of the vending machine.

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