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Popular flowers found in Japan

22.07'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Popular culture

Flowers hold a very special place in every culture and Japan is no exception. Flowers are natural, they are pure, innocent, simple, yet beautiful, and the perfect means to express a variety of emotions. In the Japanese culture, flowers hold a mirror to the different seasons and stand for the passage of time.

The popular types of flowers that are found in Japan are Plum Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms, Tulips, Pink Moss, Wisteria, Roses, Irises, Hydrangea, Sunflowers, Lavender, and Autumn Colors.

There are many flower parks and botanical gardens in Japan where different species of flowers are grown. The locations are ideal for flower viewing and attract tourists, as well as locals throughout the year.

If you are visiting Japan for business, take some time out of your busy schedule and visit some of the places that are popular for flower viewing. You may visit Furano Flower Fields, Biei, Tambara Flower Park, Ashigaka flower park, or Kameido shrine, Hase temple, or Meigetsuin Temple. There are many other places where you can enjoy beautiful flower varieties that bloom during different seasons in this beautiful, culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and modern nation. Before you visit any particular park or garden, check on the details for specific varieties of flowers that bloom in a given season.

For a better insight though in to the Japanese culture, society, and attractions, you may look for a Japanese Language Translator. He would familiarize you with different species of flowers that grow in Japan, the best places to view those flowers, and the norms to follow when at Japanese gardens and shrines so as not to offend the locals or the Japanese business colleagues with who you visit the Japanese flower gardens and parks.


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