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Important business ethics to follow in Japan

20.06'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
The Japanese follow very strong business ethics. If you are about to deal with the Japanese colleagues or business partners, you must be aware of their business ethics so as not to offend them and to build long lasting business relations with them.
  • When listening to any business proposal, it is customary to say yes many times. Saying yes doesn’t mean agreeing to the contract terms, it only shows respectfulness to the other person. The agreement can be accepted or declined depending on the contract terms and conditions.

  • A person’s authority is very important in the business world in Japan. The respect to authority is usually shown in the way people sit during a business conference or meeting. The person who is at the highest level sits farthest away from the door, and the one who is at the lowest rank sits closest to the door.

  • Business cards are of the utmost importance in Japanese business world. If you are going for a meeting or conference, you have to present your business card with both the hands. The business card is usually given with both the hands and when you are given a business card you need to keep it in a neat and organised manner on the table in front of you. It is advisable to have one side of your business card in Japanese and the other side in English.

  • Before any business meeting, it is customary to socialize with everyone. The Japanese believe that for a business relationship to exist, social connection is very important.

  • It is customary to give gifts to business colleagues and counterparts in Japan. Chocolates, cakes, beverages, and souvenirs are common gifts that are exchanged in Japan. Wrapping the gift is more important than the gift itself and is treated as an art in Japan.

For laying down strong business foundation and relationship, you may avail the services of a Japanese language interpreter. He would educate about the business ethics and customs.


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