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The 3 Aspects of Language Interpretation

27.05'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
Categories: Japanese Language

Language interpretation refers to the vocal conversion from the source text, i.e. the original language to be interpreted, to the target language. Using interpreters in order to overcome the language barrier has become a necessity in today's business world.

Study the 3 aspects of language interpretation as mentioned below:

Aspect #1

Understanding: Understanding is the main benefit of language interpretation. If you are not able to speak more than one language, then having an interpreter to understand the unknown can be beneficial and uplifting. If you want to convey your messages, interpretation is vital so that your message is articulated and verbalised in an accurate way that the other party is able to comprehend it.

Aspect #2

Interpreter is not just your Language Assistant:Language interpreters spend a considerable amount of time and effort learning the language and culture and they have honed knowledge of the local business environment. Thus, they are able to help you in overcoming the language barrier and can also assist in many other areas such as consultation, formulating strategies and guiding on cross-cultural differences.

Aspect #3

Broad Social Network: A wider social and business network form another asset in language interpretation. The network automatically expands further with an interpreter facilitating for events like conference, summit or social gathering.


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