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Learn about different types of donburi dishes

17.11'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter
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Donburi is a Japanese food item. The word basically means bowl and includes a bowl of cooked rice served with a food toping. There are many varieties of donburi, served with different toppings.

Oyakodan is one of the most popular donburi dishes. This traditional Japanese dish is served with chicken and egg and sometimes with salmon and ikura. Katsudon is another donburi dish which is served with deep fried pork cutlets, eggs, and onions.

For the seafood lovers, there is kaisendon. It is a seafood donburi where rice is topped with a variety of raw food. The seafood that is served on kaiseondon donburi may vary from one place to the other and may differ according to the season. But some of the seafood items that are served are tuna, shrimps, salmon, crabs, and sea urchin.

To enjoy both seafood and vegetables together, check out Tempura Donburi. Deep fried pieces of seafood and vegetables are dipped into soya based sauce and are then topped on bowl of cooked rice.

If you enjoy eating beef, try out Gyudon donburi. You would love the taste of bowl of cooked rice with beef. Unagi donburi is made out of grilled eel prepared in thick soya sauce.

There are many more varieties of Donburi. You can find most of the donburi dishes in inexpensive hotels and restaurants spread all across Japan. You may taste curry, wasabi, sushi, ramen, and many other Japanese dishes. Most restaurants have menus in the Japanese language. It would be good to hire a Japanese language translator with you. German Japanese translator would explain you the meaning of different Japanese dishes. Enjoy Japanese food.


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