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About Japanese Manga and Anime

18.11'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter

Manga is the Japanese style comics. And Anime is the Japanese styled animation. It was originated during the mid 1900s and since then it has become quite popular in Japan and in other countries across the world.

The popularity of Manga is largely due to the diverse nature of themes and genres that it covers. These comics cover a wide array of themes, including but not limited to science fiction, history, romance, and other serious themes about life. There are manga comics for boys, girls, youth, and adults.

If you happen to visit Japan, you would find Manga and Anime at many tourist attractions and places of interest. Gundam Front Tokyo, Fujiko F Fujiyo Museum, and Ghibli Museum are to name a few of the popular themed parks centred around the Anime series.

There are even Manga cafes known as Manga Kissa where people read manga comics for a specified period by paying a certain fee. Manga Kissa are usually located close to train stations and some even double as Internet cafes.

Manga and anime events are also held in Japan. The Tokyo International Anime Fair, to take just one example, is one of the biggest animation related events in the world. It is held at the Big Sight Convention Center at Odaiba. Comiket, a huge comic book fair is also organized at Big Sight in Tokyo every year.

This is not all. You can even enjoy Manga and Anime related shopping in Japan. If you are visiting Japan for work or for holiday, do buy Anime goods, Pokemon stationary, toys, games, and cards.

To enjoy Japanese manga and anime, look for a Japanese interpreter. Japanese language translator would translate Japanese comics, animation, and even other pieces of art and literature to English and would let you enjoy this famous and addictive art form.


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