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5 points to keep in mind when doing business in Japan

19.11'13 - Jörg Nitzsche, Japan Interpreter

If you are thinking of expanding your business and wish to capture the Japanese market, make sure you spend some time in learning Japanese business etiquettes. The Japanese give a lot of emphasis on correct manners. As a foreigner, you must know at least the basic rules if you do not want to commit any cultural faux-pass.

  1. When you go to meet any Japanese business colleague, you must dress formally as they do not prefer the casual style of dressing.

  1. Do not seat anywhere. Your host would direct you to your seat. The Japanese follow proper seating arrangement as well as techniques.

  1. During the meeting, you may be served non alcoholic drinks. Drinks are usually served to the most important persons present at the meeting and then in the descending order to other recipients. You must not drink unless the senior colleague has drunk from his glass.

  1. In Japan, they do exchange a lot of business cards. You would be given many of them during the meeting. Do not put them carelessly in your trouser. Put them in your shirt pocket or in a folder or card case.

  1. Do take a small gift for your Japanese business clients and colleagues. The Japanese people appreciate the gifts quite well. You can give anything-souvenirs, food items, household stuff, or sweets. Make sure that the gift is beautifully wrapped.

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